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iron horse
02-19-2011, 01:50 PM
A favorite theme is when a girl trained in karate and the martial arts takes on men and beat them through kicking, kneeing and punching the men in their b@lls. Some of the following photos and videos include women that aren't trained, but dress and act for affect. However, as you will see, some of these girls are highly trained in beating up men and show us the particularly love to attack men's b@lls. Of particular interest (to me) are when the men are naked and the girls can see the men's exposed b@lls for targeting.

Some of the following are new posts, and some are re-posts of my and others. Some had to be re-upped due to dead links. For the redundant ones, please consider them to be download mirrors.

Japanese video - Karate Girl vs. Nerd. She's clearly trained in the martial arts and takes no pity on this poor dupe as she beats the shit out of him. When he drops in pain she slaps his f@ce making him stand with legs apart for some very hard kicks to the b@lls:

Vid - 23 MB:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/5ADc5oL.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=5ADc5oL)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/qksvv9D.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=qksvv9D)


Two parts - Lady Ramirez videos

Part 1 - 106 MB:


http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/ibg97o1.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=ibg97o1)

Part 2 - 74 MB:


http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/9AUG9Qk.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=9AUG9Qk)


Don't Mess with Monica

Vid - 48 MB:


http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/vPnOO01.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=vPnOO01)


Velvet Kicks - Elegant Karate g0ddess
Vid - 71 MB:


http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/VQqRluR.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=VQqRluR)


Japanese Girl Karate School

Vid - 72 MB:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/Ebe6n9n.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=Ebe6n9n)


Deadliest b@llbuster - Mistriss Trish is Judge

This is one of the hottest b@llbusting vids I've seen (thanks to original poster on RS). She is stunningly gorgeous and talks to us in the first segment telling us the various styles of karate and martial arts in which she trained as well as how that resulted in her being a professional security guard in real life. She then tells why she loves kicking men in their b@lls, and how she craves giving them intense pain while also striking psychological and the m@n - that is, destroying him through his m@nhood.

The poor fool of a m@n must stand naked in front of her as she unleashes a flurry of extremely hard kicks to his b@lls, all the while Trish laughs and applauds her hoping she will ultimately do some real damage to his b@lls. Those into martial arts will recognize her lightening fast kicks and how no m@n could be fast enough to stop them from landing hard in his b@lls - and she knows it! Afterward, Trish closely inspects his penis and b@lls admiring the bruising and damage to them, then rewards the karate girl with a very high rank. And this beautiful g0ddess deserves all the praise and rewards.

Vid - 105 MB:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/6N2bG8x.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=6N2bG8x)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/pu40AQN.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=pu40AQN)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/289yX0A.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=289yX0A)


Hentai/m@nga and other cartoon artwork depicting karate girls beating the b@lls of boys.

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/qB8Y605.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=qB8Y605)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/4B5W16o.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=4B5W16o)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/3yjQV3B.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=3yjQV3B)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/9mqMS3h.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=9mqMS3h)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/a9U46fK.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=a9U46fK)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/4QY9yK8.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=4QY9yK8)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/EoYjmeD.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=EoYjmeD)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/103/KIh50dH.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=KIh50dH)

If you have any more of this theme, PLEASE post and add to collection!

02-19-2011, 04:34 PM
This is a great post, sorry I don't have anything to contribute I only got the first and third video which you just posted.

02-20-2011, 11:56 AM
My favorite theme and fantasy! Here are some pics of me being busted a few years ago. If you are interested I have many more I have collected through the years.

02-21-2011, 01:49 AM
Hi skipperbob,

Your pictures and themes are consistently excellent. I very much appreciate them. I hope to see more. :bananajum


poolman2 :bananawin

02-21-2011, 12:56 PM
Thanks! Much appreciated. Here are a few more of me from years ago.

02-22-2011, 02:18 AM
cant leave out the classic

02-22-2011, 03:41 AM
Here's a good one from the Bond Movie:


I know it's fake, but still pretty good

02-23-2011, 07:45 PM
A favorite theme is when a girl trained in karate and the martial arts takes on men and beat them through kicking, kneeing and punching the men in their b@lls.

Try this,


iron horse
02-23-2011, 08:05 PM
Karate Lessons - Go For His Nuts

This is a repost as it is more appropriate to complete this thread...

Tom has started teaching self defense classes for women. The principle is very simple - all the ladies need to do is go for any attacker's nuts! His first two students, Becky and Jordan, are very keen to learn. By the end of the class the girls are experts in defending themselves against men and their weak testicles, and Tom is left battered and bruised on the gym floor. The girls look hot in their karate gis, but even hotter when they strip to their tiny bikinis.

The download is a compressed folder with both the video and a separate photo with 20 HQ vidcaps.

3 .rar files; total size - 706 MB:



http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/7Ri74Up.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=7Ri74Up)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/9I7h355.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=9I7h355)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/lwYY4gK.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=lwYY4gK)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/vOJZ990.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=vOJZ990)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/mh8L8ve.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=mh8L8ve)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/1eYBSCx.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=1eYBSCx)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/sv2380q.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=sv2380q)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/qDN6ClN.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=qDN6ClN)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/HeeUF58.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=HeeUF58)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/153/iUF81J5.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=iUF81J5)

iron horse
03-01-2011, 02:52 PM
This is a follow-up to the Deadliest Ballbuster - Mistress Trish Judges (PART 2)

Wearing her body-tight black leather suit, our absolutely gorgeous ballbuster, Dommina Nyx demands a second chance. The reason she indicates is that she was unaware the first time that jump-kicks were not allowed as she thought they were too powerful and damaging to a man's nuts. But Mistress Trish tells her that that's EXACTLY what she wants to see, and the more damaging the kicks, the higher she is rewarded with points! But before this next round, she is once again interviewed. Mistress Trish asks her about being a sadist and how kicking men in the balls ranks in terms of what she enjoys.

Dommina Nyx responds: "Ballbusting is definitely at the top of my list. It's very symbolic of what femdom is - you're really striking at the heart of what makes him a man and taking that away from him."

Dommina Nyx, who is a highly trained black belt in martial arts, is allowed to kick this naked fool in his balls as hard as she possibly can. Although the previous kicks were brutal, nothing comes close to her lightning fast and extremely powerful jump-kicks landing with pinpoint accuracy directly into his balls. A number of times he drops in agony while we hear Trish gleefully laugh with pleasure as she watches Nyx grab him and force him to stand for yet more.

Possibly the most powerful kicks you'll ever see!

Video - 176 MB:


http://thumb.dumparump.com/321/2f6LkRx.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=2f6LkRx)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/321/k1cA9kd.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=k1cA9kd)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/321/DF67C0I.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=DF67C0I)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/321/vnA5BZA.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=vnA5BZA)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/321/1704W8J.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=1704W8J)

03-01-2011, 03:25 PM
thanks for posting this and the 1st vid .thank you.
I am writing a story at the moment ,trying to bring in the woman's point of view.
The woman in my story is not as strong as Nyx but she is starting to feel liberated,
and empowered .Nyx is i think telling the truth and letting us know her true feelings on
balls.Rather than simply earning her money reeling off a few scripted words.
Not that its a bad thing to make scripted busting movies,i love em,

03-02-2011, 05:40 PM
Here's a good one from the Bond Movie:


I know it's fake, but still pretty good

Asian girls in school uniforms + karate kick to the balls = win, even if it is fake.:jumpsmile

iron horse
04-30-2011, 02:37 AM
Homage to d0mina Nyx - Beautiful Black Belt Fighter, Sadist & Ball Buster [/i]

She is perhaps the most 1) gorgeous 2) athletic insofar as she holds multiple black belts 3) hardest kicking and 3) most mean girl that has even ballbusted men. Her credo is that men are just a pair of testicles to kick, and she tells us that in her videos. She also tells us that she does not allow her §laves to have safe words as it ruins the intensity and moment for her - she even tells her subs this in real life - the discretion as to what is too hard is completely hers and hers alone. If she's enjoying brut@l busting that is beyond the tolerance of a man, that's just too bad for him as her enjoyment is far more important! ;D

And in her interviews, she tells us why ballbusting is her favorite to humiliate and emasculate men - it combines the physical and mental and philosophical all in one, and that is destroying a man through that part of him that most defines his manhood - his balls. She demands of all men she busts to be completely naked from head at all times in her presence; however, we will never see what we long too, and that is her gorgeous slender form nude. She reaffirms to us that are knowing the pleasure she gets from kicking us in the balls as hard as she possibly can is all the reward we have earned, anHere are some photos she teases us with to prove her beauty demands from us anything she asks:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/Ec8g4R0.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=Ec8g4R0)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/95yRC34.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=95yRC34)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/0WVJZ3o.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=0WVJZ3o)

iron horse
04-30-2011, 10:20 AM
And ThenYour Balls Belong to Me

d0mina Nyx tells us her philosophy then brings in the naked dupe to show us her ballbusting techniques. In this high intensity devotional clip, d0mina Nyx speaks to all of her dedicated fans and wanna-be §laves. She makes sure to tell all of the audience watching about how much she would just love to bust their cock and balls wide open with her amazingly powerful kicks. She brings the §lave in to demonstrate her divine kicking might and makes a very important point to her audience before she begins. " This is nobody. Just a pair of testicles really, I simply envision all of you in his place!" Then she proceeds to rapid fire kick the §lave in its genitals. At the end of the clip, she has the audience lift up their hand and make a pledge to devote their manhood to the divine and omnipotent d0mina Nyx. She then gives her email for all §laves to send her their pledge. Once this is done, she states " And then your balls belong to me."

Video - - 118 MB:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/2zeqiA2.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=2zeqiA2)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/8555KWI.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=8555KWI)


Say the Safe Word - NOT

d0mina Nyx is sitting on her helpless §lave, scissor kicking his cock and balls with her powerful legs trained in Multiple Martial Arts (MMA) competition. After not even a minute, she tires of the bitch making noise so she decides to silence him for good. She plops her gorgeous g0ddess ass on the §laves face to muffle his moans. . d0mina Nyx continues to rapid fire scissor kick the §laves genitals as hard and fast as she can. This style of ballbusting is very intense. As the §lave is ****** to take her slamming hard kicks, the natural physiological pain response is to breathe harder and deeper and gasp for air. His desperate plea's for mercy only serve to ignite d0mina Nyx's sadism even further. She taunts him by offering to stop if he says a safe word. But all he can say under her ass is Mm! Mmn! Mmmm! Mmmm! In other interviews, she reveals laughing that "Sorry - I don't speak gag -hahaha"!

Video - 167 MB:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/n95rIZC.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=n95rIZC)

iron horse
04-30-2011, 11:20 AM
Domina Nyx - Deadliest Ballbuster Part 3

MMA fighter d0mina Nyx delivers her hardest rapid fire kicks and full force punts into the §lave dummies genitals using pointed f€tish boots! This clip also includes a Mona/Nyx Expose where Mistre§§ Mona talks about how impressed she is at her incredible kicking spped and strength. d0mina Nyx then takes a moment to closely inspect the penis and balls of her naked fool taking note of his swelling and even points out some blood - all while indicating she is proud of herself. She then discusses her martial arts experience and then demands her nude fool of a man return, and Mona closely observes the debilitating kicks d0mina Nyx delivers to his naked balls, with laughing approval and admiration to conclude this wonderful video series!

Vid - 128 MB:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/4wkM6Se.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=4wkM6Se)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/njq5N92.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=njq5N92)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/387/y6l2pws.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=y6l2pws)

iron horse
05-03-2011, 04:49 PM
Completely Overpowered!

Domina Nyx is a genuine, hardcore Multiple Martial Artist (MMA) and holds black belts. She is a competitive champion and in real life has served in security services. But what she also readily admits in interviews is she's a real-life sadist, and loves to both humiliate and beat up men making them receive a whole lot of suffering! She also tells us she doesn't allow safe words as they ruin her fun! ;D

In this video, she takes on a naked guy using authentic jiu jitsu fighting techniques. She possesses fantastic leg strength and a knowledge of many brutal chokes and holds. Domina Nyx finds this the traditional femdom scenarios where the man submits to the female boring. She instead demands the naked idiot to try to fight back and he tries desperately to wriggle and squirm free from her brutal leg scissors and chock holds. "Try harder!" she commands of him as she squeezes the life out of him and mocks his gurgling chocking sounds as his grimacing face turns beet red. Domina Nyx is just too strong as the buffoon is completely overpowered and helpless before her. There is also some great dialogue from her as she points to his dick and laughs about destroying the slaves penis, Useless Piece Of Meat! The humiliated naked fool is not only left in pain, but his suffering have proven to all witnessing this that she is a better "man" than he is!

Video - 133 MB:

http://thumb.dumparump.com/423/PuNn8t1.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=PuNn8t1)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/423/Ss5KxdR.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=Ss5KxdR)

http://thumb.dumparump.com/423/70xWI7V.jpg (http://www.dumparump.com/view.php?id=70xWI7V)

iron horse
06-03-2012, 02:45 PM
There's been renewed interest in ballbusting in karate matches on this board, so I re-upped this link with some great videos. :thumbup