Total pictures: 190,818
Total movies: 7,000
Last update date: 14-Jun-24
COMMENTS: I'm a new member to you site and I really must say I like what I've seen.
There are sites with different female superiority themes, but yours are head
and shoulders above all others. It's the only one I've seen any reason to
pay for membership.
First of all the girls (you included) are extremely good looking and also
look very confident in yourselves. And you also get the impression that you
really enjoy doing what you do.

FROM: Angelfan
COMMENTS: I have to say this is by far the best ballbusting website there is. I've joined other sites and when I come back to Femaledom I see such a better quality in every way. The women are so beautiful and brutal too. My very best favorites are the bare ball knees and kicks pictures by Angel of course. But it's all great and keeps getting better. Keep up the great work. Howz that for some butt kissin?

FROM: Useless
COMMENTS: I am not one to normally pay for a site, but this site is truly worth every penny. Every girl on this site is a truly beautiful Goddess, made more perfect by their ruthlessly evil attitude and the sheer pleasure they seem to take from causing pain. Keep up the amazing work!.

FROM: Alan
COMMENTS: As you know, I've been a member of your site for several years and I must say that this latest set (for me, anyway) is the all time greatest picture series of the hundreds you've done!!
It was like you got inside my head and used my love of a beautiful sexy girl in a miniskirt and heels showing off her legs and drawing the guy into her "web" and then demolishing him.
I love that Sandy kept her shoes on the whole time and those closeups of her heels digging into his face drove me crazy. The photography was perfect.
I know that your subscribers have many different fetishes and other folks like barefoot pictures, etc. but for me this was my favorite.

FROM: Nathan L
COMMENTS: Hello, this site and the girls are awesome!!!!!!!!! Im a newer member and i did not realize how awesome this site was before today. I have been home all day because my right arm has been in a cast and i have been downloading the mpegs and videos allday and it has been the best day. You girls are the best!!!!! My favorite so far has got to be Britta Kicking mpegs. I enjoy this site so much. Keep up the great work.

FROM: Rocky
COMMENTS: The very best site on the World Wide Web may I add. The girls are fantastic and I like the fact that it hasn’t turned into porno or anything stupid like that. It is a true site and I hope it never changes from being the best. Thanks so much and have to say Sharon that your devotion to your members is incredible and I for one appreciate it very much. Keep up the great work.

FROM: Mark
COMMENTS: I just wanted to say hello and tell you how great your site is. There
is so much great stuff on it! The girls are gorgeous, and they look like
they really enjoy crunching up the guy's testicles. Keep up the good work

FROM: Jason
COMMENTS: I am a new member to, i absolutely love your site.  One of the things that makes it so great is that all of the women involved on the site are classy and beautiful. Excuse me, i mean absolutely gorgeous. Anyways I just wanted to thank you ladies for your great site.

FROM: Shahaf
COMMENTS: Just entered for 20 min. from work to see what is going on... B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T......:)) DEFINETLY AMAZING !!! and it seems like more video orders will follow very soon... my life defiantly looks brighter.....:))Thanx !!! Big Thanx !!!.

COMMENTS: I have been viewing your website, and for the first time have found a site where I was happy to be a member. It is incredibly exciting and tops any other sites out there.

FROM: Brad
COMMENTS: Hey Femaledom!
I recently joined your EXCELLENT site and
have been into ballbusting both on the net
and private for many years.
It is defiantly the best site i have been to
and you can be sure to see me around on your site for a long time.

Last i want to thank you girls for doing this site for all the people out here that loves ballbusting and hope you will stay
in business on the web for a loooong time.


FROM: Gordon
COMMENTS: Congratulations with the new girl Shania
she is truly a sexy girl and what a body

Also a compliment about the size of the pictures WERY WERY good.

femaledom is defiantly the best site i ever
been a member of and believe me that’s not few

Keep up the good work!


FROM: Markie
COMMENTS: I want to congratulate you on all of the improvements that you have made to FEMALEDOM. I have been a member for over 2 years and everything continues to get better; the photo and video quality, the content and the ladies just keep getting more top notch.
Best wishes & continues success.Markie.

FROM: Brandon
COMMENTS: First thank you for this excellent site you
have made defiantly the best I have ever used my credit card on.

I was wondering if you could make more like the series with Shania were she is in black pantyhose and high higheels?I find it so sexy and wish it was me under her heels.

Laterz Brandon.

FROM: Megalodon
COMMENTS: I have always been a huge fan, but I could only find time to be a member and receive its benefits. I must admit, I have been missing out.

Wonderful site, very nice pictures, superb clips. It is simply impossible to download them all in once. Keep up the good work. It's good to be here.

Use your stockings. More and more, always

All the bestMegalodon.

FROM: Jackday
COMMENTS: There's a movie quote that explains my situation...
"Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!"
Well, I stopped coming here, cancelled my subscription...and yes, I'm back again! Sharon, your site rocks and you know what...I'm never leaving again. I'll be here every week (heck, everyday LOL)!.

FROM: Bustmyballz4fun
COMMENTS: just wanted to thank you for putting up the best site the recent changes,you deserve a vacation,ever visit san diego california?nice place to take a vacation and i would be honored to serve you as a chauffer,tour guide,anything.thank you for providing this wonderful site,and all who also work with you,take care and well done.

FROM: Thomy
COMMENTS: I have ordered 5 videos already twice now and I must say the delivery came very fast and
in good condition.
I would like to thank you services rush about for this one and furthermore much wishes success for your team now.

FROM: Atlan
COMMENTS: I re-joined the site after two and a half years and I must say: WOW!!
A lot have changed. I've liked the danish girl and especially you Sharon , but the new girls from Hungary are fantstic, too. A good choice to go to Hungary.
Especially Angel, Sandy and Shania blow me away, but also Nicole, Claudia, Nikki, Noa, Britta and Katja are really lovely, beautiful and natural.
And they like what they do, that's an important point, too.

FROM: John
COMMENTS: I recently read a post from a webmaster on a different BB forum complaining that the updates needed more variety. At first I laughed because they are all 99% ballbusting with boots and shoes and thought to myself "try doing some barefoot ballbusting for a change". Now maybe I have a little too much time on my hands, but I took a step back and tried to determine what really distinguishes the difference between those sites in comparison to this site. After pondering this for quite some time I realized that it is like trying to break the code of a master lock that has an infinite amount of numbers. Yes, sure I would love to see ballbusting done entirely without shoes, however the opposite could be said of other members here on this site. Yet they choose to stay. This forced me to take a step back and look at it from their perspective and ask... why? What keeps me and other members so addicted to this site? What advice could I give to other BB site's? True this site has more material then all the others combined and true this site updates every other day. However, I believe this site also takes ballbusting to a whole different level and from a completely different angle. Just the atmosphere in every picture set and video sets it miles away from the competition. Even the the way every scene is displayed from the light colours in the room to the furnishings all contributes to what makes this site unique. Something you will only find with a woman’s touch. Therefore, I think Sharon is key to in part what makes this site so superior compared to other sites that are mostly run by men. Then you have the scenario's with the models. The way they dress, pose, and smile. There's a warm, soft, sensual look that each model has. There seems to be an erotic mix where one second she might touch him or hold him in a warm loving way and the next causing him extreme pain. Maybe it's her playfulness and sweet smile she gives him before it changes to a look of violent determination. The way she holds him against the wall, almost letting him gently lay his head on her soft shoulder while she knee's him hard. Maybe it's the mix of different models. The kicks, steps, stomps, knee's, squeezing, punching, standing, posing, always never quite duplicated the same as the last set. It's like watching a wrestling match between a cute college girl and the guy that made her a bet or got into a wild play fight. Maybe it's the chemistry John seems to have with the models. He always seems to bring out the fun, playful side in all the girls. I must also mention that not enough can be said about the behind the scenes crew. Especially those taking pics and video. They are the elite in my opinion. They deserve a great bit of gratitude. In closing, I really only believe I've touched the surface on what makes this site so outstanding. Even at this point, I don't have the answer as to how the other websites could improve to even come close to the success here. I just don't think they get it. I'm not sure I do either, not entirely. There is simply way to wide a range of components to be put into words which is what makes Femaledom Superior

FROM: Jojo
COMMENTS: Once again, I must say that you have a GREAT SITE. I love the last two sets of pictures that you put up : bianca and Maria and Maria barefoot!! These are my kind of sets and I think are my two favorite!!!! They were amazing!!! Please keep sets like these coming!!!!.

FROM: Doormat
COMMENTS: Bravo Sharon! The month of march has been a memorable one for the members; awesome updates and videos. The ladies are so damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please keep Katja,Maria,June and Sandra on your payroll. These ladies do it better than anybody (trampling,face-sitting,foot-worship)
Please do more videos and photo-sets with the girls in dark nylons and SOCKS! Give us a video and photo-set with these above mentioned ladies doing a sock worship,trample,face-standing and humiliation session.
This is the BEST site on the web and you need to be congratulated(and worshipped) for all of your hard work.

COMMENTS: As usual, your site is the absolute best there is. However you have outdone yourselves with Sandra's Nylon Fun. This is probably the best of the best. I love the ball busting, and I am particularly enthusiastic about the girls in nylons and high heels, but seeing Sandra's sexy foot standing on this guy's erect penis was a great turn on. I really would like to see the girls do more of this and it would be so nice if they would wear sheer black stockings and, instead of the platforms, perhaps some pointy toed, skinny stiletto heeled shoes. Wow, what a concept.
Anyway this was the best, thank you.

FROM: Composer
COMMENTS: Just wanted to drop a line saying that one of the main reasons why I joined your sight was because of the use of nylons. Love the nylon feet trample. Especially on bare crotch. Tell Dave to toughen up and keep his knees down. Thanks for the great site!.

FROM: Insekt
COMMENTS: I am always amazed by this site.. However the last update Was amazing. I believe you did a awesome job at satisfying both high heel and barefoot fans. The stripping of the heels was great. You also captured what has become my favourite pose now that it was done artistically. The pic where sandy was sitting on the floor with her feet pushing straight into her male victims male hood was magnificent. The only way it could of been better was if you were the one doing it * (barefooted) wink !! Thanks again.

FROM: Orangepeel
COMMENTS: Cheers for the excellent photos of Maria and Bianca in pantyhose. I love the victory pose by Maria in one of the shots.

She's gorgeous, she can walk over me any time.

Love Orangepeel.

FROM: Pertti
COMMENTS: saw your picture in some other web site. After seeing you I just couldn’t resist joining this club.I just can't resist you Sharon. I am so envious for the guy who has all the fun. I would do anything to be in his place even for a while.

COMMENTS: It has been a pleasure to have been a part of this site for the last few years & I hope again to be a member in the future .

Sharon , you are the best & don`t let anyone tell you different .... you are beautiful both in looks & personality , a true rarity these days .... I wish one day we could meet & I could show you what a REAL pizza is ( and I could also show you how someone as special as you should be treated )

Thank you very much for all the updates you have been doing recently ... they have been of a very high standard and have been above & beyond your membership promises .

I wish you all the best in the future , and I hope that you continue to be happy & prosper .

FROM: Alan
COMMENTS: I just had to comment on the new Helena set.

1) she is gorgeous, like a slightly older June.

2) she looks SOOOO good, beating up the bald guy, so calm and collected as she tortures him.

3)she has perfect legs, and shows them off so well

4)and a compliment for YOU!! The photography is PERFECT !!!!! SOOO Clear and Sharp!
I remember years ago when you first started the site I was always complaining about the photography, I was saying the pictures were too dark, you needed to get closer, stuff like that. Well you learned really well. NO website has better, larger and clearer pictures than Femaledom (OK, maybe Eurotrample!)Thanks, Sharon,
Your number 1 Fan

FROM: Bill G./Chicago
COMMENTS: I have only been a member for a few months (I was a member years ago as well)and am in awe of the beauty of the girls, and the wonderful pictures you have given us. I remember when I signed on to femaledom there was a pic of you with a message that there was more to come many years ago, you have become more beautiful as time went on.Thanks for your truly breathtaking site.
Bill G./Chicago.

FROM: Freedom
COMMENTS: OMG!!! That last update with Sandra was absolutley INCREDIBLE!!! The outfit was amazing and the foot worship was the BEST ever! MORE MORE MORE! Is it possible to post the REAL VIDEO on the site SOON! PLease keep up the GREAT work. That was an amazing update. I can't say enough about it. Take care. PLEASE post a video of the foot worship. THANK YOU.

FROM: Chang
COMMENTS: Just wanted to say that your recent posts of Shania and Angel have been AMAZING! Especially your captures of the foot worship stuff! Perfect! I think I am in love with Angel, who isn't......thanx very much and keep the content coming...all the best to you...

FROM: Martial
COMMENTS: Sharon - these are your MOST GORGEOUS models since yourself and Sandra! More more more in less less less clothing! shania is particularly sexy - she's slim and pretty but is still kind of chunky and athletic - as if she's strong enough to really hurt a guy! tia has supermodel looks - where do you find them?.

FROM: AngelFan
COMMENTS: This new girl Jill is just awesome. And that outfit she's in! The boots, thigh high stockings, school girl skirt.......WOW! I now have to add new girl Jill to my favorites list, along with Claudia, Nicole, and Amanda. I am always sooo anxious to see what the new updates will bring, because they just get better all the time! Ok enough butt kissing.Fantastic website!.

COMMENTS: Just had to write about the latest "Flower/Ballbuster" series. This is about the most brutal beating I have ever seen a woman dish out to a man! Hope my girl friend (we like to "play" at femdom) never sees this. How Jim managed to take that amount of punishment I'll never know -- clearly this was against the Geneva Convention!

Congratualtion on a great site and keep up the good work.

FROM: Well Worn Shoe
COMMENTS: Sharon, your site has REALLY been great and steadily getting better! As I've mentioned before, you respond well to viewer input! I have nothing but praise. Your new girls are adding high value to the more experienced girls who in their own right are tremendous!

I have only started to view maybe a quarter of Vanessa's series, and I have to say that she is such a huge turn on!! First of all she is pretty, has a very nice body, her legs and feet are well shaped and all in pantyhose is great! Best of all her expressions and focus on what she is doing! I can't believe just how expert she is with the fine attention to detail in her expressions and of course fine, fine footwork, toe work, and heel work!

How can she be new? She shows such maturity and skilfulness! I'd love to know what the others out there thought.

Sharon, you sure know how to pick your women (none have been bad.) I hope Vanessa will stick around! Thank you!! Thank you!!.

FROM: Tabtab
Hope you all got your kiss and Knee at midnight.
Second is to point that the site is getting better, and there is no other site, good like this, on the net.
This last week, so many updates and videos, as a member I really appreciate that.
Keep it up.

FROM: Jason
COMMENTS: I just want to let you guys know, this is the best site you can buy membership to for your money. I've been around to a few others, this is the only one i'm always satisfied with. I love when you add new girls and the frequency of updates. Susan and holly are prolly my two favorite new girls. Claudia is always a favorite though, just the look on her face when she busts, that's half the turn-on right there. I loved the see-through outfit she wore on one of the first shoots. See-throughs are always great. Variety is always good, I would like ot see more male models on the site just as a general suggestion. If you’re having problems finding them, maybe you could try the Indian guy from, he's great. Also there’s a guy named wild bill, he's also very into it. Anyway , on the web you almost never get what you pay for, this is one of the rare cases that you do... keep up the good work!

FROM: John
COMMENTS: Hi Sharon, I am so addicted to this site that I try to find another site to view while waiting for your next update. However, no matter how hard I try I can't find another site like yours. I wish there was a that was the same except different models! Every member here has a favourite model and the way you mix it up keeps me hooked to see my favourite model again. The ballbusting just keeps getting better and Thank you for staying loyal to those of us who prefer the shoes off!! I wish Eurotrample had as much ballbusting as this site, I would join in a second! I say it's time to launch lol Keep up the great work!!.

FROM: HMSS Floormat
COMMENTS: Thank you so much for the past month, it has been the best month of June that I've had in quite a while. began the month running flat-out with an awesome set of Carmen and kept the pace up all month long, culminating with a tasty little set of "The Luscious Nicole". Someone else coined that phrase about her, I read it in a prior post somewhere. But, could there be a more accurate description for her? I hope they don't mind if I use it from time to time.

The last set with "The Luscious Nicole" was just outstanding, she is so FINE! She never took off her High Heels, thank you so much for that!

Also, the June 27th set with Amanda, was Fantastic! I love those "SkyScraper High Heels" she was wearing! Again, thank you so much! I was so jealous of that Table she was sitting on, it appeared to me to be having all the fun! Man, would I love to serve as her "Personal Seat Cushion"!

Oh, the set with Melinda on June 17th, WOW! Her legs are too sexy! She gets better looking every time you shoot her. I loved her outfit and those sexy "High Heels"! Again, thank you so much! I only wish it could have been me she was trampling and kicking around!

Let's not forget about Shania's Black Boots, Oh Yeah!

The "Schwing Generator", Ms Angel, as always was on "FIRE" again this month! In my opinion, she is quickly becoming the "STANDARD" by which all others will be measured at!

Please let Louise, Kim, Katja, Suze, Helena and Trine know that I enjoyed their sets very much as well! That I can hardly wait to see what they will look like next!

And for "Crying Out Loud", please shove a Camera in someone's hand, push them on a plane and fly them to Denmark and shoot a set of the "Goddess Sandra"! I been suffering from Sandra withdrawals!

Sorry about that last remark, sometimes I feel as though I've been put on Sandra restriction. You guys look great, keep me coming! Sorry, I mean keep it coming!.

FROM: Slash43
COMMENTS: This is probably my fifth time to join this site over the years and I would have bet the "rent money" that this site could not have found ANYONE as sexy as Angel and then "BAM"!!!! I mean damn... I would sell my soul for a night, a ton of outfits, and a video camera with Amanda,lol!!!!! She is soooo bad ass it just isnt even fair!! PLEASE keep her updates coming! I cant even come up with the words to describe her. That is the luckiest guy on the face of the planet that gets to make those videos with her!!!.